Unit-I(Valsad)-Domestic Plant

About UnitI(Valsad)-Domestic Plant

Sidmak Laboratories (India) Pvt. Ltd. Was established in 1984 by its founders in technical collaboration with Sidmak Laboratories, Inc. in NJ USA. The US company was also started by the same founders in 1978 and quickly became one of top 10 Generic Drugs company. The US company was divested in 2000. The founders are now focusing on Sidmak India.

Sidmak Laboratories (India) Pvt. Ltd. develops and manufactures innovative pharmaceutical products using its extensive experience and various technology platforms developed over last 25 years. Such Products are marketed in India by major Indian Pharmaceutical companies and MNCs

The company has built new state of the art Development and Manufacturing facilities with systems and controls in compliance with US cGMP. and has been offering formulation development services to US customers. Products developed for US customers will be manufactured by Sidmak India and marketed by US customers with a profit share model.


Details of earlier WHO-GMP Certificate

Our Valsad site has been Renewed VIIth time for WHO-GMP certification and the next Renewal will be in 2020.

The details of the earlier WHO-GMP Certificate is:

Year Certificate No.
1999 Certi /Sidmak/JC1/56598-B1
2002 Certi /Sidmak/WHO-GMP/22309/B
2005 Mfg/WHO-GMP/Sidmak/2005/SII/16019/B
2008 Certi / WHO-GMP/Sidmak/2008/48812/B1
2012 1206190 Dated : 28.06.2012
2015 1502452 Dated: 25.02.2015
2018 1802593 Dated: 05.02.2018