About Sidmak Laboratories

About Sidmak Laboratories

Sidmak Laboratories (India) Private Limited was established in 1984 by its founders in technical collaboration with Sidmak Laboratories, Inc. in NJ USA. The US company was also started by the same founders in 1979 and quickly became one of top 10 Generic Drugs company. The US company was divested in 2000. The founders are now focusing on Sidmak India.

We develop and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical products using its extensive experience and various technology platforms developed over last 30 Plus years.

Having a vision to provide Quality healthcare to humanity and with special focus on essential and difficult to Develop And Manufacture Drugs Products, Sidmak India, with its domestic presence spanning more than three decades.The growth plans for making Sidmak India ,A Gloabal Hub For Providing Quality Healthcare Products Across The World.

With an asset of more than 500 qualified employees and World Standard Development And Manufacturing Facilities in Dehradun, Valsad with an expertise For a range of formulations from tablets,capsules , Trans-dermal drug delivery dosage form, Sidmak India is poised for being among the fast growing pharmaceutical companies.

Pioneering efforts of Sidmak India in providing Quality Healthcare Products Developed And Manufactured from world- class state-of-the-art facilities.

The company has built new state of the art Development and Manufacturing facilities with systems and controls in compliance with Various Regulatory Agencies in the World including US cGMP. and has been offering formulation development services to US customers. Products developed for US customers are manufactured by Sidmak India and marketed by US customers with a profit share model.

Dehradun facility also offers contract manufacturing service for major Indian companies as well. Quality systems at Dehradun facility meets and exceeds US cGMP requirements ,Schedule M And WHO.

Sidmak-India makes strategic alliances with large, medium and small drug companies.

Strategic partners market products after Sidmak India develops, gets approval and manufactures the products.

Business Operations


At Sidmak India, innovations and quality up-gradation programs are the essential ingredients and R & D play a pivotal role. Our scientists are at work 24/7 , developing formulations that are innovative bio-equivalent, safe,effective and cost efficient.


Sidmak facilities manufacture Pellets, Tablets (Controlled Release/bi-layered/coated/uncoated/enteric coated/film coated), Hard gelatin capsules , Transdermal And Topical Patches.


The Quality Management system(QMS) is supported by Quality Control department,Quality Assurance Department.